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Lukas Viglietti

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Founder & President

Lukas Viglietti is an airline pilot and Captain flying long haul flights for SWISS Airlines, which allows him to regularly meet and get close to many key participants in the Apollo program. Viglietti received a Bachelor of Science degree in Electronics from the HE-Arc Engineering School before entering to the Swissair Pilot School.


In 2009, together with his wife Bettina, he founded Swiss Apollo in order to organize events inspiring people with the testimonies of the Apollo Astronauts. SwissApollo want to enable children and adults alike to meet the heroes of the space conquest personally, and to draw from the vast source of inspiration and motivation that they provide. We encourage young people to move into the captivating fields of science and technology.

Viglietti has written press articles and conducted interviews about Apollo astronauts. He is the initiator and producer of several shows like «The Moon Race» starring Buzz Aldrin and Alexei Leonov or the show “Apollo 11 – The Immersive Live Show”. He is the initiator of the Olympic Ceremony « Lunar Olympics » with IOC President Thomas Bach presenting the Sky is the Limit Trophy to astronaut Charlie Duke. Viglietti is the author of the book «Apollo Confidentiel», a bestseller also available in English.

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